7 August 2015


Turbosound NuQ82 front

PA company Turbosound have made several fine additions to their powered loudspeaker lineup.

New to the NuQ series are the NuQ82-AN and NuQ102-AN — both 600W, 2-way, full-range powered loudspeakers designed to provide optimal performance as FOH, sidefill and delay line loudspeakers or even monitoring wedges. The NuQ82-AN features an 8” low-frequency driver whereas the NuQ102 has a 10”. High frequencies are provided by a 1” aluminium dome neodymium compression driver on both models, mounted on a rotatable 100° horizontal by 60° vertical dispersion converging elliptical waveguide. A KLARK TEKNIK 600W Class-D power amplifier takes care of output, and both speakers feature onboard DSP by KLARK TEKNIK with dynamic EQ and transparent limiting.


Turbosound NuQ82 rear

The NuQ82-AN and NuQ102-AN have a balanced XLR input and an XLR output for daisy-chaining with more loudspeakers/subwoofers. On the rear panel there is an LCD display and rotary encoder from which the user has access to position compensation, user EQ control, subwoofer integration and signal routing features. Two locking etherCON connectors provide ULTRANET connectivity. Up to 16 independent channels of 24-bit digital audio and control data are transmitted via a single CAT5 cable between compatible digital devices — including mixers, I/O stage boxes, powered loudspeakers and personal monitoring systems.

Turbosound TSP122 angle

In the SIENA series of speakers are the TSP122-AN and TSP152-AN — 2,500W, 2-way, full-range powered loudspeakers suited for a wide range of portable and fixed installation speech and music sound reinforcement applications. The TSP122-AN features a 12” low-frequency driver while the TSP152-AN has a 15” driver. Both have titanium dome 1” compression drivers for high frequency reproduction, KLARK TEKNIK amplifiers and DSP and ULTRANET connectivity.

The above speakers come with a 3-year warranty.

More info

Turbosound: www.turbosound.com

Australian Distributor: www.australismusic.com.au


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