Issue 91

This Pop-Filter Really Pops

World’s most exclusive, 24K gold, pro-performance pop-filter from IsoVox.


20 October 2022

The award-winning company IsoVox has introduced the IsoPop 24K Gold, the world’s most exclusive pro-performance pop-filter. The pop-filter is available in limited-edition 24K gold-plated brushed aluminium, and is aimed at collectors worldwide who have always wanted to make a gold record with the finest gear in the world.

Made in Sweden and shipping with two interchangeable pop-filters, the IsoPop is designed to work with any microphone or scenario, and mounts directly to the microphone stand. It also proves to be a perfect fit with IsoVox’s critically-acclaimed IsoVox 2 — the vocal booth that found favour with forty-times gold record selling artist, Seal.

24K gold is considered the purest possible gold available, and any vocalist or voice-over artist needing gold in their life need not necessarily turn to jewellery to satisfy their need. Rather, they can now grab a golden opportunity to invest in their art with IsoVox’s new IsoPop 24K Gold.

As a pro-performance pop-filter, IsoPop 24K Gold is sturdy and stays securely in place when clamped to a microphone stand, thanks to a sturdy gooseneck with rubber sleeve. Saying that, its non-intrusive 10cm diameter makes the reading of lyrics or scripts easier than when working with most other pop-filters.

For those who want their sound to be as transparent as possible, IsoPop 24K Gold comes compete with a Neutral Pro Filter to tame harsher treble and sibilance. IsoVox also includes an interchangeable De-Ess Pro Filter to soften the sound. Both filters are washable.



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Issue 91