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30 March 2017

MetaPop is a unique start-up specialises in monetising remixes for both their creators as well as their rights holders. In an interesting move, Native Instruments has just acquired MetaPop and ex-Beatport CEO Matthew Adell has joined NI as Chief Digital Officer to spearhead new strategies for the brand’s online product portfolio.

MetaPop recently sparked industry and media debate for transforming the complex world of monetising unofficial remixes, revealing it had legalised more than 20,000 bootleg remixes and now boasts a catalogue of 200,000 songs just one year after launch.

MetaPop’s team will join NI to help shape the next generation of online services for music creators and performers, operating out of the Native Instruments’ US office in LA, California.

CEO of Native Instruments, Daniel Haver said: “At Native Instruments we want to inspire and empower music lovers to express themselves, and in a very short time MetaPop has enabled thousands of new producers and remixers to do just that. I’m delighted to welcome Matthew Adell to the team. I relished working with Matthew for several years while he was CEO of Beatport, of which Native Instruments was a shareholder and board member. With MetaPop and Matthew joining, we’re very excited to take our online offering to the next level.”

The acquisition comes off the back of sustained global NI growth and cements a commitment to developing its US presence, further building the 50-strong Los Angeles team into a major innovation hub for the NI brand.

Matthew Adell added: “MetaPop was born from an ambition to redefine the world of remixing music. Joining Native Instruments opens up new doors to build on our shared vision, working alongside leading talent and world-class products. We are excited to inspire even more creativity and revenue opportunities for our users and partners.”

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Issue 91