The King of Portable Chargers

ScoutPro by INTELLI is a 240W portable laptop, phone, and tablet fast charging brick, which can truly charge anything (even wirelessly!)


30 August 2021

Makers of clean, simple, intelligent tech, INTELLI, announces the ScoutPro, an all-in-one portable power bank following a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign where over $600,000 was raised. ScoutPro has up to 200w of power delivery allowing users to charge almost anything, and is compact and lightweight for such a heavyweight battery.

There are portable chargers that have high power output, others that have large battery capacity and are the size of bricks. There are wireless chargers, chargers boasting FastCharge or Power Delivery compatibility, and then there are some that are small and lightweight. ScoutPro manages to not compromise on any of these features.

ScoutPro is the first portable charger that is truly universally compatible. It can charge any laptop, iPads and tablets, as well as drones, cameras, speakers, handheld game consoles and more. It is MagSafe compatible and will wirelessly charge new iPhones and other smartphones, it features a wireless charger for Apple Watch and can also wirelessly charge AirPods and other earbuds, watches and fitness trackers.

With three built-in charging ports, a wireless charger, and Apple Watch Charger, ScoutPro can charge up to 5 devices at once. In addition to being Apple device compatible, ScoutPro also supports Huawei Super Charge, Oppo & Oneplus 22.5W charging, OPPO 40W charging and Samsung fast charging for S21/S21+ & Note 20. Recharging the ScoutPro takes just 55-120 minutes using the INTELLI 100W GaN wall charger.

The ScoutPro portable chargers meet requirements for both domestic and international airline travel. The core of the ScoutPro charging technology is a graphene battery, which is safer, slimmer and more lightweight than lithium-ion batteries. The INTELLI graphene batteries are UL Certified and the ScoutPro chargers are FCC, CE, and RoHS certified.

At the core of ScoutPro is INTELLI’s next generation Graphene Battery Technology.  Popularised by Tesla, graphene is comprised of carbon atoms tightly bound in a honeycomb-like structure that is only a single atom thick. This allows superior electrical and thermal conductivity, high flexibility, high strength, and low weight.

Graphene batteries are lighter and slimmer than their lithium-ion counterparts boasting over 5x power capacity per kilogram. Lastly, graphene batteries are some of the safest batteries on the market, more resistant to heat, punctures, and drops.

  • ScoutPro has roughly the same footprint as an iPhone 12 Max.
  • For power output, both USB-C ports on the ScoutPro can output the following; 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 12V / 3A, 15V / 3A or 20V / 5A.
  • The QC USB-A port supports 24W Quick Charge (Huawei Super Charge port), yes 24W! in addition to 5V / 4.5A, 9V / 2A or 12V / 2A.
  • The Wireless Charging panels support up to 15W wireless charging and Apple & Samsung Watch Charging.

The MSRP for ScoutPro is $299, however as part of a pre-launch deal, there are limited number available on Indiegogo InDemand for $149/£101.


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