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The Entry To A New Level Of Spatial Perception

Dear Reality releases new Exoverb Micro reverb plugin.


11 April 2023

Elevate your stereo mix with Exoverb Micro, Dear Reality’s latest realistic and spacious reverb plugin for stereo production. The compact audio plugin packs a punch, powered by the same proprietary reverb engine as its bigger brother, Exoverb. Choose from eight expertly hand-crafted acoustic scenes for a truly authentic sound, empowering any modern audio production. Streamline your mixing process with the intuitive triangle pad to perfectly balance late reverberation, early reflections, and dry signals.

Exoverb Micro provides the perfect entryway into spacious reverb, offering a selection of Exoverb’s eight most-loved acoustic presets from four categories: Ambiences, Rooms, Halls, and Plates. Each acoustic scene is based on multiple synthesised impulse responses (IRs) developed with Dear Reality’s proprietary software, allowing you to create rich reverb effects that perfectly match the needs of your mix. Whether you’re looking for a subtle drum room or a deep plate for vocals, Exoverb Micro has got you covered.

“With Exoverb Micro, we want to enable everyone to benefit from the latest reverb technology,” explains Felix Lau, Product Owner at Dear Reality, adding that “Exoverb Micro’s easy-to-use interface with the triangle pad offers a perfect starting point for modern music and postproduction.” The results are natural reverbs with three-dimensional depth perception on all stereo playback systems — both speakers and headphones.

Exoverb Micro features a user-friendly interface that makes adding just the right amount of reverb to any mix as easy as you can imagine. Using the triangle pad, you can simply balance early reflections, late reverberation, and dry signals to create the perfect sound. And like its big brother, Exoverb Micro provides instant access to essential parameters like Pre-Delay and Decay without complicated menus or sub-menus. With Exoverb Micro, you’ll get all the power and versatility of a professional reverb tool in a compact, easy-to-use plugin.

Exoverb Micro is available now in the Dear Reality store for A$37.


Dear Reality:

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