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SSL’S Mini Brauerizer


2 October 2014


SSL’s new XL analogue console is the ultimate 500 series ‘Brauerizer’. If you don’t know what that is, read this article first (link). But the gist is, he sets up four different mix buses on his SSL 9000 J series,  each with different compressors on them. He mixes each channel into whatever suits his taste for that instrument, often more than one, and then combines the results.

SSL has obviously been paying attention to one of its most outspoken/famous users, and has built his system into the XL desk. Not that you couldn’t set it up on a lot of other four bus analogue consoles, but the XL just does all the legwork for you with its A, B, C, D mix structure.

The basic format of the XL is a 24 in (16-mono/four stereo), four stereo bus analogue console. There’s no DAW control, though it does play nicely with your interfaces, giving you the option of flicking between tracking and DAW inputs.



Here are some highlights:

– The first eight channels have SSL’s incredibly diverse VHD preamps. They have a whopping 75dB of gain, with a -∞ to +10dB trim control for driving the Variable Harmonic Drive whichever way you choose, two input impedance settings, pad, hi-pass filter, phase flip, the whole lot.

– It has that SSL bus compressor onboard in a 500 series format. It comes wired into Mix A, but you can move it wherever you choose.

– There are 16 other 500 series slots to plop in any units you like.

– There are four mix buses, and B, C and D can be mixed back into the main Mix A. Hello, easy Brauerize!

– Consecutive stereo pairs in the 500 series slots 9-16 can be pinched for each of  the four mix buses during mixdown, so you can set up your compression or EQ settings for each bus flavour. And there are separate inserts for each mix bus for even more outboard flavour.

– The rear panel is flush with DB25 connectors that pretty much let you route anything anywhere. Each channel has two inserts, access to the 500 series I/O, and can be switched between mic/line and DAW input.

– There are three monitor outputs with an intelligent sub output. What does that mean? Well, even though there’s only one sub button, the XL desk remembers your setting for each monitor output and engages or disengages the crossover and sub output.

– The cue sends can be flipped between monitoring that channel for recording, or use the alternative input to feed the cue mix into Mix A. It basically gives you another 16 channels of summing, driving the total up to 40 channels. Those 16 won’t enter the B, C, D mixes, but it’s still a great onboard expansion option.

– All the professional monitoring bits and bobs: Source select, front panel mini-jack for comparing with a track on your phone, two built-in foldback circuits, talkback, headphone outputs, listen mic, dim control and switch, cut switch, mono switch, and plenty more.

Pricing on the unloaded XL desk is US$19,999, but SSL is putting together options with 16 SSL EQs too.

Keep your eyes on the AT site for more info and news about SSL’s upcoming demos in the next couple of weeks.

Update: Michael Brauer reminded us Brauerize is a registered trademark, so just to clear up any confusion, this is not an official licensed Brauerize product and Amber or SSL never intimated such, it was purely an editorial use. That said, Michael does like the look of the little SSL.

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