Issue 94

SRX900 Demo Shoots the Lights Out

JBL’s latest mid-market line array hits the burbs.


14 February 2024

Seemed like half of Melbourne’s power was knocked out after a heatwave gale had tripped the Loy Yang power station, but it wasn’t enough to deter a JBL demo.

There was no doubting the dedication of the group of hard-bitten audio types who turned out to a JBL SRX900 demo at JD’s Sound & Lighting’s HQ in Lilydale (in Melbourne’s outer east).

With a generator sparked-up to keep the show on the road, CMI’s technical services team made it worth everyone’s while with a high-quality PA overview and demonstration.

JBL distributor, CMI, formally launched SRX900 last year and gradually the market is understanding its capabilities. Rather than a jumped-up budget line array, it borrows tech from the JBL’s flagship VTX series (such as JBL’s Differential Drive dual-voicecoil, dual-gap arrangement design) – filling a mid-market sweetspot.

The demo combined the SRX906LA, the SRX910LA with two single-18 SRX918 subs or a single dual-18 SRX928 subwoofer. SRX900 sounds snappy and revealing, with lots of vocal-range clarity. Arguably, though, it’s the suite of supporting software that makes the SRX900 case the most compelling.

The system design and management software, along with the deployment app are some of the best around and put next-level tools into the hands of rental companies who, until now, more likely relied on point ’n’ shoot intuition.

Then along comes Venue Synthesis, which changes the shape of things again. Recently launched by Harman at ISE 2024 in Barcelona, the Venue Synthesis 3D Acoustic Visualisation tool isn’t so much playing catchup with the likes of EASE, SoundVision and ArrayCalc but leapfrogging the lot. It’s an impressive package. Currently it’s for JBL VRX, VTX and SRX900 loudspeakers only. But again, it makes the mid-market SRX900 proposition very attractive – what with that sort of sophisticated software support behind it.


JD’s Sound & Lighting:


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Issue 94