12 October 2016

softube modular

Softube announces version 2.3.76 of its plug-in installer with a fix for Windows 10 users and a long line of minor bug fixes. Best of all, two new utility modules are available free of charge to existing and future Modular owners.

Dual X-Fade is a two-channel, CV-controllable crossfade module that blends two separate mono signals to create new textures. For example, patch in two different waveforms from an oscillator — such as sine or saw — and use the blend knob to set the level between the two signals. You can also morph seamlessly between them by manually adjusting the blend knob while the song is playing or control the knob with an LFO via CV.

Dual Pan lets you place one or two mono signals anywhere in the stereo mix panorama, e.g. two percussive sounds that the user wants to separate in the stereo image. The 1+2 outputs can be used for a stereo sum of the two L and two R outputs. Dual Pan can also be used as an A/B switch to send a CV or audio signal to two different inputs.

Modular owners can simply download the new installer from http://softu.be/get_installer, run it, and the new modules will be available in the Module Selector window.

More info:
Softube: www.softube.com
Australian Distributor: www.elfa.com.au


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