Softube Statement Synth

Statement Lead was designed for the modern EDM producer & comes loaded with Softube effect, such as Drive, Multiband Comp and Spatialization.


26 September 2020

Statement Lead: the perfect synth for the modern producer and songwriter in the EDM, drum and bass, and house genres. It comes with high-quality built-in effects – Drive, Reverb, Delay, Multiband Compression, and Spatialization – that give you precise control, making it easy to fine tune, create spaces, add clarity, and further sculpt your lead sounds.

For example, the sophisticated Delay and Reverb effects are adapted for synthesiser sounds and feature synched pre-delay and ducking on the reverb, 8 individual L & R taps, and ducking on the delay. The Multiband Compressor is a smart one-knob solution that’s been thoroughly tweaked to give you as much control as possible with as few knobs as possible. 



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