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Reverb Gets Clever

A.I.-powered plug-in specialist sonible release smart:reverb, looking to deliver custom, bespoke verb for each input.


12 August 2020

Since no two audio tracks are the same, smart:reverb’s processing focuses on the individuality of every signal. With a click, the plug-in analyzes the source material to create every reverb from scratch. By custom-fitting the reverb to the spectral and temporal characteristics of the input signal, typical problems like disturbing resonances or muddy reverb tails are avoided from the very beginning.

Simultaneously, smart:reverb computes a reverb matrix that provides a range of styles for the reverb at hand—each of them tailored to the input signal. Guided by descriptive properties, users can quickly find the style that best suits their creative visions without having to rummage through hundreds of presets.

“Use smart technology but stay in control.” smart:reverb is a hybrid plug-in that combines the flexibility of a fully parametric reverb with the transparency and sonic integrity of convolution reverbs.

For maximum control, the plug-in provides an interactive view of the reverb’s anatomy. A detailed interface makes it easy to manipulate the deep-structure of the reverb by modifying its frequency- and time-dependent decay rate as well as the reverb’s spread and density over time.

Smart processing for a faster workflow

sonible’s smart:engine – an A.I.-based, content-aware system designed on the basis of psychoacoustic principles and extensive hands-on mixing experience – powers the inner workings of smart:reverb. Just like smart:comp and smart:EQ 2, this new plug-in comes with profiles for different audio sources to prime the processing of the smart:engine to the input signal.

“It’s very easy to get lost when searching for the right reverb. You might know what you want but getting there can be time-consuming and tedious. When we developed smart:reverb, we started with a clean slate to support users in realising their unique vision. So, we moved away from the idea of rooms, presets, etc. and instead focused on finding the right sound for the material they are actually working with.” Ralf Baumgartner, co-founder sonible GmbH

smart:reverb – key features

  • Custom-tailored reverb in just a few seconds
  • Reverb matrix with a wide spectrum of different styles
  • Interactive representation of the reverb’s anatomy
  • Time- and frequency-dependent adjustment options for maximum decay control
  • Time-dependent spread and density control to design the right sound
  • Creative features like Infinite and Freeze for layering sounds
  • Signal-adaptive controls for reverb width, colour and clarity
  • Pre-filter EQ to quickly shape the signal

Regular price: € 129
Introduction price (until September 10, 2020): € 89



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Issue 91