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Quantum Bleep

The next level of Waldorf Music's flagship synthesizer with MK2.


17 January 2023

When Waldorf Music introduced the Quantum in 2018 it immediately found its way into the studios and hearts of the most acclaimed film composers, producers, musicians, and sound designers. Now five years later Waldorf Music releases an upgrade of its flagship Quantum synthesizer: the Quantum MK2.

‍Quantum MK2 was upgraded with a 61-key polyphonic aftertouch keybed from Fatar, increased sampling storage to 59GB, and an improved display and mechanical design. The new 3.0 firmware allows for up to sixteen digital or any combination using the eight analog filter with additional eight digital. So, what’s new under the hood?

‍61 Keys Fatar TP8/SK With Aftertouch

The Quantum MK2 is the first instrument to present a 61-key Fatar TP8/SK polyphonic aftertouch keybed to the world. With its increased possibilities for musical and gestural expression, the keybed allows users to utilise the enormous modulation capabilities of the Quantum synthesis engine. It is the next level of expression based on a traditional keybed, which maintains all the playing capabilities of musicians, and then extends this with an additional dimension of control and creativity.

The polyphonic aftertouch is highly customisable in multiple dimensions globally, as well as for individual keys. The high-resolution graphical display supports visual feedback and control for the customisation process. In addition to its internal poly aftertouch keybed, the Quantum MK2 can be controlled by any MPE capable controller by directly connecting to Quantum’s USB host port.

1‍6 Voices Of Polyphony, Digital & Analog Filters 

Based on an eight voice analogue dual-filter architecture, the Quantum MK2 has been opened up with up to sixteen voices of polyphony in any combination, using digital dual multi-mode filters with the eight analogue ones. Moreover, the combination of analogue and digital filters open up new sonic possibilities. Since the beginning Waldorf Music has stood for hybrid digital and analogue synthesis, and a new set of allocation modes gives the musician an easy control.

59GB Sampling Storage

Another cornerstone of The Quantum MK2 is its increased internal sampling storage from a few GB to 59GB. As such, the Quantum with its modern advanced sampling capabilities has quickly become the instrument of choice for sound enthusiasts and cinematic composers from Berlin to Los Angeles. Waldorf Music has listened to the needs of musicians, and with the upgrade from firmware 1.0 to 3.0, has extended the polyphonic granular sampling engine as well its traditional multi-sample engine. 

Design & Display

The updated mechanical design and a classy navy blue presents the musician with an instrument of beauty and inspiration. The improved mounting of the high-resolution touch display provides wider viewing angles and an intuitive way of controlling the more advanced features of the Quantum’s synthesis engine.

Sounds & Samples

Highly acclaimed sound designers from all of over the world have contributed to the huge library of factory presets and its initial sample content of 2GB. Waldorf Music is proud to have sounds from designers such as Richard Devine, Howard Scarr, Reinhold Heil, BT, Matt Johnson, Joerg Huettner, Kevin Schroeder, Sascha Dikiciyan, Kurt Ader, Mike Huckaby, and Thorsten Quaeschning. All of these sounds are forwards and backwards compatible with Waldorf’s Iridium instruments.

Synthesis Platform

Waldorf Music has updated and improved its Quantum firmware, which adds new synthesis capabilities and many features requested by musicians. The Quantum firmware — together with the Iridium firmware — builds a Waldorf Synthesis Platform.

Product Details

RRP: EU4819
Availability: Late January 2023


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Issue 93


Ableton Live 12
What’s in. What’s out. What to expect.