10 October 2013

Prism Sound Titan smaller


Prism has announced a new audio interface, called the Titan, which will go on display for the first time at the upcoming AES show in New York later this month. If the Titan looks kind of familiar, that’s because it is essentially a USB version of the existing Orpheus firewire interface – plus a few tweaks such as the new MDIO interface expansion slot. Otherwise, it offers eight analogue inputs, eight analogue outputs plus S/PDIF and TOSLINK optical digital I/O ports. The optical ports can also be used for ADAT, all up giving Titan a maximum capability of 18 concurrent input and output channels plus dual stereo headphones. Titan has four preamps for microphones and two for instruments, which are automatically selected when sources are plugged in. An assignable rotary control adjusts monitoring or output level controls. The dual stereo headphone outputs have separate volume controls. A built-in DSP engine provides a fully-featured mixer for every Titan output channel, including ADAT channels. All of Titan’s functions, aside from the front panel monitor and headphone level controls, are controlled from the Titan Control Panel software. Probably due to the grand unveiling at the AES you won’t find any more details on the Prism website just yet, but they won’t be far away.

Australian Distributor: CDA Professional Audio www.cda-proaudio.com


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