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Precision Devices Back With Redesign

Loudspeaker component legend redesigns lineup; sub-bass & midbass components chief among new additions and successors


February 8, 2021

Precision Devices announces a production range refinement, with the UK-based component loudspeaker manufacturer keeping busy in what looked like a quiet 2020. In fact, as Managing Director Mark Barnes says, “we have never been busier or more focused on new business development”.

Ensuring a continued service and supply of stock to customers, Precision Devices have seized the opportunity provided by ‘downtime’ to focus on innovative new product development and continuous improvement to their best-selling models. The end result is an overhaul of its product range, a foundational reset for 2021.

“The coming weeks will see the launch of our new website which has full e-commerce functionality to enable Precision Devices’ product to reach clients globally, together with exciting new product launches of new models available from stock in the UK and Europe for the first time. With new 18”, 21” and 24” components in the imminent stages of final development and a complete overhaul of our existing product line, drawing upon the latest Klippel measurement and analysis system to refine all designs, we emerge from the present period of disruption leaner and stronger and better able to meet our clients’ expectations and requirements than ever before.”

After their successful introduction to our international OEM partners, and in response to increased customer demand, Precision Devices announces the arrival of eight new models into their UK stock range for sale throughout Europe and worldwide. Each driver has been developed using the latest, high-quality component materials and state-of-the-art design tools. Further optimisation and verification has been performed with the use of the company’s in-house Klippel facility to provide system designers and audio engineers who seek no compromise solutions with significant, measurable performance advantages.

PD.185C003 – Sub Bass Driver

A natural successor to legendary PD.1850. Ideal for bass reflex and horn loaded systems where a high punch and low frequency bass is required. Features include; 5-inch inside-outside winding, copper voice coil and ‘bumped’ back plate that allows for increased travel and excursion. Vented aluminium chassis and motor system design increases cooling effectively reducing power compression effects. A BL of 31 T/m and dual suspension system provides excellent linearity with 50mm peak to peak travel. The PD.185C002 has an AES power rating of 1000W and exhibits 99db sensitivity across its working bandwidth.

PD.185C001 – Sub Bass Driver

Conceived around the PD.186. The PD.185C001’s engineering has been focussed around minimal weight using a traditional ferrite magnet motor system. Weighing in only 13Kg, which is lighter than some neodymium models available on the market today! Further enhancements provide an impressive 1200W (AES) power handling and increased sensitivity of 97dB. Other features include a 5-inch copper voice coil, vented chassis frame and a double spider suspension assembly. Ideally suited where high power handling long excursion and perfect linearity are required. Completely versatile in bass reflex and horn loaded cabinets. TSP’s naturally suit all PD.186 applications but offer increased horsepower and punch.

PD.154C001 – Sub Bass Driver

An alternative solution to the popular PD.1550. Designed to faithfully reproduce powerful and accurate bass frequencies with minimal distortion and power compression. The PD.154C001 is suitable for use in a variety of enclosure designs and sound reinforcement applications, an engineer’s dream. With 900 W (AES) power handling provided by the 4-inch Copper clad aluminium voice coil. The PD.154C001 has a sensitivity of 98.5 dB across its working frequency band of 45 Hz – 1 kHz. Composite alloy and steel pole piece produce a uniform and stable magnetic field giving the driver a high BL in excess of 25 T/m that provides excellent linear control of the moving mass.

PD.153C002 – Bass / Mid Range Driver

Successor to the PD.153ER. The PD.153C002 offers excellent linear response and is well controlled down to 45Hz. Working seamlessly up to 5kHz with 101db sensitivity across its working bandwidth. Thanks to a copper shorting ring and copper CCAW wire the unit also offers impressive, extended high frequency performance. A very good solution for two way or multi way systems, the driver also excels when combined with Precision Devices 1-inch compression drivers.

PD.124NR1 – Bass / Mid Range Driver

Featuring Precision Devices unique neo-radial motor system technology. The PD.124NR1 combines high power handling and high 99 dB sensitivity across its working band. Designed as a high power mid bass driver in multiway systems. The unit can also be used as a dedicated woofer in bass reflex and horn loaded designs. The 4-inch CCAW voice coil is capable of handling 1100W (AES). Forced air venting and other construction materials, selected for their thermal properties, effectively manage heat dissipation, reducing power compression to a minimum. A dual spider configuration with silicone based damping control provides excellent control and linear travel of the cone with minimal distortion. It is extremely versatile and is capable of producing an SPL of 126.5 dB in a 45 litre ported enclosure tuned to 60 Hz.

PD.123C001 – Bass / Mid Range Driver

Successor to the PD.121. The PD.123C001 exhibits impressive power handling of 600W (AES) and 99dB across its working frequency band of 45 Hz – 4 kHz. An optimised vented 3-inch copper voice coil provides enhanced cooling and reduces coil gap turbulence in combination with a vented chassis design. The driver has a high Bl of 24.5 T/m with an excellent linear response that is well controlled down to 50Hz. An outstanding solution for two way or multiway systems where a high BL and good punch is required.

PD.103NR1 –Mid Range Driver

Optimised for high-power mid-range performance exhibiting 100dB sensitivity across its working band. The 700 W (AES) PD.103NR1 features Precision Devices unique neo-radial motor system technology and is capable of producing 126 dB SPL in a 15 litre sealed enclosure. Forced air venting along with other thermal management methods, and materials, keep the 3-inch CCAW voice coil cool and further reduces power compression effects to a minimum.

PD.615C002 – Mid Range Driver

The PD.615C002 is ideal for waveguide applications, replacing the PD.615WG and PD.615WG/2 drivers. Delivering outstanding mid-range performance with extremely high sensitivity of 105 dB. The unit has increased frequency range from 600 Hz – 10 kHz and a 1.5-inch copper voice coil capable of handling 140 W (AES). The sealed chassis also offers independence from the main enclosure.

Each of the new models will begin shipping in Q1 of 2021.


Precision Devices: precision-devices.com


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Mixing engineer Clint Gibbs on The Kid Laroi’s ‘F*ck Love’.
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