3 March 2014

press release ARATECHLABS


Where do you draw a line that stops apps and gadgets from eroding hard-earned skills? Do we really want tablets and iPads doing all our thinking for us? This latest, tricky app from a company called Aratechlab will use data compiled from a library of popular and industry-standard microphones to provide a visual guide on mic placement. Arapolarmic superimposes an image of the microphone’s polarity pattern in real time and thus shows you exactly the best place to position it. Info is still a little sketchy on details – aligning the tablet device with the microphone, for example. It’s not hard to imagine how Arapolarmic will work in that regard. Aratechlab is planning to formally approach microphone manufacturers and ask if it can “arate” their products microphones. Apparently Lewitt has already agreed. Other companies can expect a polite visit from Aratechlab during the upcoming MusikMesse exhibition. Aratechlab’s website is at www.aratechlabs.com, but the company is Spanish and your browser – like ours – might spit a translation dummy. A YouTube video is out there.


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