17 November 2014

Humlan ‘Wash and Wear cans

If you’re on the hunt for Christmas gifts, then two new headphone collections from Urbanears, might actually crack a smile from the hip young things in your family.

The Plattan Safari Grunge style come in three flavours, Acid Zebra, Space Giraffe and Surplus Leo. Whilst the new Humlan ‘Wash and Wear’ collection comes in three different colours and has a removable headband/ear cushions which can be thrown into the washing machine.

Both collections feature Urbanears proprietary ‘Zound’ plug, which allows users to share their music with friend and both come with a remote and microphone for use with mobile phones.

Pricing and Availability

The Plattan Safari Grunge headphones are priced A$99.95 each and the Humlan ‘Wash and Wear’ headphones cost A$79.95 each. Both collections are available for purchase.

Australian Distributor: Amber Technology, Ph: 1800 251 367 or Email: sales@ambertech.com.au Website: www.ambertech.com.au

 Plattan Safair Grunge collection.
Plattan Safair Grunge collection.

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