Teenage Engineering TP-7

New field recorder introduced.


15 May 2023

Teenage Engineering’s TP–7 field recorder fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and lets your fingers naturally adapt to the controls. The TP-7 is a device engineered for the recording of sound, music, interviews, and important ideas with zero friction, and the highest possible quality.

The centrepiece of the TP–7 is the motorised tape reel. This is a delicately engineered brushed motor with ball bearings, and a highly sensitive hall sensor that lets you virtually grab your recording. The reel can also be used for scrubbing, pausing, menu navigation, and as gentle visual feedback during playback and recording. The side-mounted rocker allows you to quickly scrub through your audio, by pressing on the top edge to fast forward, and the bottom to rewind.

If you’ve ever experienced the process of transcribing recorded speech by hand, you’ll understand, so one of the key features of the TP–7 is its ability to streamline the process of converting audio to text. Simply connect the TP–7 to your phone via BLE or USB, open the TP–7 app and press ‘transcribe’.

In interview situations where going ‘off the record’ is required, a finger gently placed on the reel will pause the recording. And rather than the usual unlocking of a phone, finding the recording app, and starting recording, one press of the memo button automatically turns TP–7 on and starts a new recording. The discreet size and dedicated functions makes for an unobtrusive recording device, allowing you and your subject to focus on the job at hand, and lets you keep an eye on your levels with the VU meter, or monitor through headphones.

Whether you’re in the studio or out in the field, TP–7’s high quality audio is perfect for capturing podcast recording with the internal mic, and also allows up to three external mics to be connected. It features three stereo two-way jacks that can be used as either inputs or outputs. These can be used to connect external mics, headphones, studio monitors, or any other audio equipment — like OP–1 field or TX–6 to record with all six stereo channels.

Use USB-C for multi-channel audio interface, MIDI, data transfer and charging, or BLE and MFi for wireless connectivity. TP–7 also includes a 6.35 mm to 3.5 mm jack adapter. Add to that 128GB of internal storage which will allow you to preserve five minutes of ideas a day for 20 years.


  • 3x stereo two-way jack input/output/headset connectors
  • 1x stereo headphones connector with 3.5-6.35mm jack adapter
  • Internal microphone and speaker
  • 128GB internal storage
  • 24-bit/96kHz USB audio interface
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 7hr battery life
  • 64x32px monochrome display

Dimensions & Weight

  • 96mm x 68mm x 16mm
  • 170g

Electrical Characteristics

Stereo input, two-way jacks (3.5mm TRRS):

  • Input impedance 9.5kOhm
  • Analogue gain 0-42dB
  • Max level 8dBu (2Vrms)
  • SNR 105dBA


  • Max level out 2dBu (1Vrms)
  • SNR 110dBA
  • Microphone SNR 98dBA

Headphone output (6.35mm TRS):

  • Max level 8dBu (2Vrms)
  • SNR 120dBA

TP–7 is part of Teenage Engineering’s ultra-portable sound recording and performance system. All battery-powered, rechargeable via USB-C, and with full interconnectivity (MIDI and high resolution audio), it is compatible with iOS, macOS, and Windows.


Teenage Engineering: teenage.engineering
Australian Distributor: innovativemusic.com.au

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