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MicTrak Making Tracks

Zoom’s new 32-bit float handheld recorder series.


20 December 2022

Zoom has released a trio of 32-bit float, portable recording devices with it’s new MicTrack range. Offering clipping-free audio, the M2 hand-held recorder, M3 on-camera recorder, and M4 4-track recorder provide content creators with an extraordinary breadth of versatility in a wide array of situations and applications.

The M2 MicTrak is Zoom’s latest innovation in portable recording, and with its all-new X/Y mic capsule design the M2 MicTrak always gives you great sound in one take. The mic provides several monitoring options: through the headphone out; the on-board speakers; or visually, via the LCD screen. Its glossy finish also contributes to a reduction in handling noise.

The M3 MicTrak shotgun mic gives filmmakers the ability to elevate their content with pristine audio. By default, this on-camera stereo microphone / recorder saves a backup mid-side RAW to allow for the adjustment of stereo width in post, and has a specially designed shock-mount to minimise handling noise.

The M4 MicTrak is the first portable recorder equipped with 32-bit float recording and built-in timecode generator, giving filmmakers and musicians everything they need to capture outstanding audio. It features X/Y capsules, with two additional mic inputs via the XLR inputs, and colour LCD display for visual feedback of the waveform in realtime.

More information about 32-bit float audio here.

M2 MicTrak
RRP A$399

M3 MicTrak
RRP A$399

M4 MicTrak
RRP A$799


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Issue 86