12 November 2014


The third generation of Marshall’s DM line of rack-mount audio monitors have hit our shores, with the company claiming the new AR-DM3 range is its best sounding to date.

The new DM3 monitors are 16 channel, with tri-colour LED bar graphs (offering 100% digital processing), Class D amplification, selectable stereo downmix modes, Dolby Digital / Dolby E decoding capability (with optional ARDM-D552 module), a ¼” headphone jack with level control, and a USB port.

Additionally, the AR-DM32-B provides 20-segment tri-colour bar graphs, with VU and peak meter support. Channel, Group, Mix, Dolby, and Balance selection, and saved configurations are accessible via the system navigation buttons.

The DM3 speaker enclosures have been re-engineered to maximise output power, along with a change to the front panels allowing the natural reproduction of frequencies between 200-20,000 Hz. In addition, the monitors have user-configurable modules, as a way of future-proofing the system.

Devan Cress, Director of Broadcast A/V Sales, says, “The AR-DM3 audio racks are our best audio monitors yet. Our engineers raised the bar significantly in terms of sound quality and performance. We’re very excited for customers to hear the AR-DM3 monitors and experience the difference, compared not only to our previous audio monitors, but to other audio monitors on the market. They’ll find that the sound, features, and flexibility of the AR‐DM3 monitors can’t be beat.”


  • Improved audio quality
  • 16 Tri‐Color VU/PPM 10 or 20‐Segment LED Bar Graphs (with AR‐DM31‐B and AR‐DM32‐B)
  • User‐configurable with a variety of modules
  • 100% Digital Processing
  • Class D Audio Amplification
  • Dolby Digital / Dolby E Decoding (with optional ARDM‐D552 module)
  • Selectable Stereo Downmix Modes
  • USB 2.0 Port enables on‐site firmware upgrades
  • Ethernet port allows remote LKFS alarm monitoring
  • Balance and Volume Control
  • 1/4″ Headphone Jack

Australian Distributors: Quinto Communications Pty Limited, contact: sales@quinto.com.au website: www.quinto.com.au


Excerpts from PR


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