Greg Simmons’ Series
Issue 68

Luna v1.1 Update — AudioTechnology

UA’s Luna gets its first update after six months in the wild. Will the new features and tweaks prove to be a moon-shot or touchdown?


October 8, 2020

Luna was first announced at NAMM 6 months ago, where Universal Audio aimed to bring the concept of latency-free external-DSP powered DAW into reality. Half a year later, a bugfix is finally rolling around to iron out bumps and issues present in the original. Albeit, plenty of exciting new features and design changes look to improve the production experience within the Luna module (sorry.)

Crashes and Bugs

If for inexplicable reasons your DAW crashed, possibly on loading the Master Tape, opening a song directly from Finder, or when Ctrl-clicking on certain knobs (wtf?), your prayers have been answered. Many initial release bugs have been fixed. Optimisation in ARM mode has also been improved for those toting an ARM-equipped Mac too.

New Mission Controls

Most changes are in track grouping controls. Mixing groups can be created and destroyed at will, and group mixing is a possibility with editing and inserts group-wide.

MIDI Clock can also now be sent for groovebox integration and general tweaky fun.

Save states can now be saved and recalled for a session, allowing a MacOS Time Machine-like functionality to production, where ‘Bookmarks’ can be recalled if the bizarre parallel-processing tangent you pull the trigger on goes belly up.

Thank UA for the improvements, we love you to the moon and back!

See full release notes here.


Universal Audio: www.uaudio.com
Australian Distributor: www.cmi.com.au

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Greg Simmons’ Series
Issue 68