12 July 2013

Focusrite iTrack Low Res

Manufacturers of dedicated iOS audio interfaces should be packing up the offices soon. Focusrite has announced the launch of iTrack Studio, a complete system for recording music on the Apple iPad or any desktop Mac/Windows computer. Based around Focusrite’s iTrack Solo – a 2-in, 2-out computer audio interface featuring Focusrite’s mic preamp technology – the iTrack Studio kit includes closed-back monitor headphones, a studio-quality condenser microphone with included XLR mic cable, and a long 30-pin device link cable to connect the interface to the iPad. You can record both channels to Tape by Focusrite, a free new app that will be available from the App Store – you can also use any number of existing iPad recording apps. Release of iTrack Studio and the app is slated for Autumn 2013 (that means September for us). Dual outputs on the iTrack Solo will drive monitors and the included headphones. The 30-pin cable can be connected to iPad 4 and iPad mini via an “inexpensive lightning adapter” – it’s not clear who can provide this. The iTrack Solo can also link via USB to a Windows or Mac computer. iTrack Studio is designed as a one-box solution for recording on the iPad and as an affordable introduction to recording on the PC too.

AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR: Electric Factory (ELFA) www.elfa.com.au


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