20 October 2016

ik multimedia modo bass

IK Multimedia is showing some love to bassists with its new Modo Bass electric bass virtual instrument for PC/Mac. Modo Bass lets you customise your bass tone throughout the signal chain, starting from choosing the instrument itself, right through to pickup configuration, effects, amplifier options, and various stompboxes.

12 physically modelled electric basses form the foundation of Modo Bass — and you’ll recognise most of them. There’s the ’60s P-Bass, ’70s P-Bass, Fender Jazz Bass, MusicMan StingRay, Gibson EB-0, Rickenbacker 4003, Hofner Violin Bass, Ibanez Soundgear, and more. Even better is that every aspect is customisable; things like playing style, strings, pickups, pickup placement, electronics, tone settings, action, the list goes on.

The three playing styles are ‘pluck’, ‘slap’, or ‘pick’. And it’s pretty crazy how much attention to detail IK has put into making sure you’re not limited in crafting your tone. You can control the force applied to the strings, the position of the hand, the direction of the stroke, the impact of the thumb slap, and the finger pull of the string.

Other features include 20 different pickup options, seven stomp boxes, two bass amps derived from IK’s AmpliTube, and the choice of a 1 x 15 or 4 x 10 cabinet.

More info:
IK Multimedia: www.ikmultimedia.com
Australian Distributor: www.sound-music.com


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