Heritage Audio Announces New Powered Enclosure

The new OST-6 v2.0 is a six-slot rack-mountable 500-Series powered enclosure featuring new Link and On-Slot technology


16 March 2022

Heritage Audio has developed the perfect solution in its OST-6 v2.0 by bringing out the best of any 500-Series modules’ sonic potential in a portable, rugged enclosure that will far from break the bank. As an upgrade to the now discontinued OST-6 (v1.0), this model benefits from the new LINK feature which allows cable-free patching between devices at the push of a button. Each slot receives 400mA or 1.8 Amps total (2.0 Amps non-continuous) — whichever is reached first — and a phantom power supply delivers up to 140mA.

The OST-6 v2.0 is designed to offer compatibility with all 500-Series devices as the new vertical layout accepts double-width modules, and where most 500-Series enclosures on the market have a relatively simply designed power supply that feeds every channel in parallel, Heritage Audio’s proprietary On-Slot Technology, each channel is individually powered, regulated, filtered, and protected providing high performance, and low noise. It also eliminates events where power-hungry Class A or valve-based modules can cause neighbouring modules to ‘brown out’ or not function at all.

The OST-6 v2.0 enclosure is built to robust and uncompromising standards, and completing the package are the included detachable rack ears and metal handle, helpfully combining to create the ultimate portable solution.

Pricing: US$599/549EU


Heritage Audio: heritageaudio.net


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