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Ableton Live 12
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Get A Bit Moroder With The OP-1 Vocoder

OP–1 Field gets new features with the latest update.


13 January 2023

The ‘voice encoder’ — better known as the vocoder —  revolutionised music since its introduction to the world by Homer Dudley at Bell Labs in 1938. Designed to analyse and synthesize the human voice, iconic artists such as Wendy Carlos, Bob Moog, Kraftwerk, Herbie Hancock, Beastie Boys, Tupac, and Daft Punk, have employed the device throughout the years to make their synthesizers sing. Now you too can try this effect by downloading and installing the new free firmware update for OP–1 Field from Teenage Engineering.

How To Install:

  • Download and install the firmware
  • Press synth
  • Hold shift and press any sound slot key 1–8
  • Load vocoder


With the vocoder active, press Mic to select the input source. This is the input for the voice, the modulator, and you can use any input source, such as the built-in microphone, a headset or even the radio or usb. After you’ve selected your input source, speak and play notes on the musical keyboard. You should now hear your OP–1 Field burst into beautiful singing.

In the OP–1 Field vocoder, the audio input (the modulator/your voice) is passed through a bank of 20 filters with controllable bandwidth and formant shift. The carrier signal is built-in: a custom 7-oscillator polyphonic synth that goes from a single sawtooth to pure white noise. As always, everything is fully real-time and modulate-able.


  • Blue is a one knob synth engine
  • Ochre is formant shift
  • Grey is number of bands
  • Orange controls the dry/wet mix

Download the latest firmware here.


Teenage Engineering:


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Issue 93


Ableton Live 12
What’s in. What’s out. What to expect.