Genelec 7050C SUB


15 June 2018

Genelec’s 7050C subwoofer replaces the 7050B with an extended low frequency response and lower distortion. The unit’s LSE spiral enclosure has been refined for cleaner audio output even at peak levels. Add a 3dB increase in SPL capability and a universal switched-mode power supply and the 7o50C is a significant upgrade from its predecessor. The bass management system provides five input and output channels with 85Hz low-pass/high-pass filters, plus a discrete 120Hz LFE signal input with selectable +10 dB boost. The 7050C contains a single eight-inch magnetically-shielded driver for a stated LF response down to 24Hz. A set of rear panel DIP switches lets you calibrate the 7050C to its surroundings — settings include phase and low frequency roll-off, activation of the +10 dB LFE level, and the sensitivity of the Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) power-saving mode, which reduces the unit’s power consumption to 0.5W in standby.


Genelec: www.genelec.com
Australian Distributor: www.studioconnections.com.au

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