G-Sonique KFXT-41

Techno kick drum processor plugin.


15 March 2023

From minimal techno to Berlin, Detroit, Schranz, Hardcore Techno, or mainstream techno, the kick drum is the most basic element and the building block of every techno track — it creates the character of the track and is equally important, regardless of subgenre. Thanks to the KFXT-41 Techno Kick processor plugin you can create fat, dense, intense kick drums from simple kicks such as the 808, 909, or basic env.pitch modulated sinus samples — including their processing — with spatial reverberation, maximum density at bass frequencies, resonance and percussiveness, saturation, and full volume. Instant techno kick rumble generator, fast and easy.

You no longer have to worry about finding a suitable combination of samples, or choosing and tuning dozens of external plugin effects to achieve a real techno kick drum. In the KFXT-41 plugin you will find: Saturation and the bass boost analog unit for maximally fat bass and sub-bass; Analog kick resonators, x2 for highlighting the centres, percussiveness, and ringing of the mid-range frequencies of the kick drum; Analog Sine Saturator; Monoizer to keep bass and sub-bass frequencies mono to eliminate phase issues on vinyl pressings, and large sound systems at clubs and festivals. 

In addition to these processors, the plugin also contains a tuned techno reverb with an ambient component that can be processed with nine different filters, including emulations of hardware DSP chip-based synthesizers that provide a very organic, liquid sound and a sharp acid resonance. The plugin also includes a collection of 35 presets that react uniquely to varied input signals and kick drum samples. The plugin can also be used experimentally on other techno percussion, and in other genres such as ambient, EBM, and experimental.


  • Kick Saturation Engine, with Bass Frequency, Q, Saturation, Saturation Volume, & Kick Enhance parameters
  • 2x Kick Analog Resonators, with Resonance Frequency & Resonance Amount parameters
  • Analog Sine Saturator, with Analog Sine Input & Analog Sine Shaper parameters
  • Monoizer, controls width from 100% stereo to 100% mono
  • Kick Reverb with filtered ambient output, with Reverb Room, Damp, Width, Mix, Cutoff, Resonance parameters & 8 filters (Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Peaking, HW DSP Low pass, HW DSP Band Pass, HW DSP High Pass, Vintage Low Pass, LP+HP)
  • Preset Manager, with 35 presets for various styles of techno drums from minimal, deep, Acid, Detroit to hardcore, dark, sharp, intensive kicks

EU34.90, with an introductory price of EU17.90 for the first 77 customers.


G-Sonique: g-sonique.com

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