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Be Entranced by Psytrance Synths 8000 X1

Psytrance Synths 8000 X1 is a VST AU Instrument with advanced progressive synths and more.


17 January 2024

Psytrance Synths 8000 X1 is a VST AU Instrument with advanced progressive synths, efx sounds, synth hits, drones, pads, twisted psy sounds, mystic alien voices, surfaces, and especially psytrance leads.

Psytrance Synths 8000 X1 are sound multi-octave / multi layer banks created with various hardware dsp synthesizers, digital synthesizers as well as unreleased top secret synthesizers / prototypes from our workshop. The sounds are subsequently often effected and processed through countless hardware and software effects in various modular connections.

It sometimes takes more than 2 hours to create one such sound. In modern psytrance tracks, there are usually tens to hundreds of sounds, if you had to create every sound, creating one song would take you maybe more than half a year/year, especially if you can’t devote 12 hours a day to the production. Even the best chefs buy first-class foods and conjure up top-quality dishes from them, they don’t grow every herb and every vegetable themselves. What is important is the final work. It is also possible to significantly effect sounds, layer them so that they sound like a completely new sound design.

G-Sonique Psytrance Synths 8000 X1 is modern plug-in instrument created for full-on psytrance, progressive psytrance, neo goatrance, morning psy, darkprog, psychill and trance producers. Psytrance Synths 8000 X1 include 130+ high quality, multi octave instruments/banks ready for Professional music production (client can choose banks he like in new G-Sonique club online platform). While there exist various classic synthesizers at the market, most of them sound too synthetic/flat and often harsh and digital alone, usually you must use lot of additional effects, layers, resampling and mixing techniques to get that professional sound known from best-selling Albums (which consumes lot of CPU and time of course). Psytrance Synths 8000 X1 is not synthesizer but multi-octave instrument / collection of hq banks and makes production much easier, so you can fully focus on composing and creating hit melodies. Basic listeners don’t care if you spent thousands of hours with fine-tuning your own sounds in complicated synth or if you used digital instruments.

You can find here almost everything needed for modern progressive psytrance / full-on psytrance, Neo Goatrance, Trance, Proggy / Darkprog and other psychedelic genres.

Many types of synthetic sounds are included: Psytrance leads, Psytrance Effects, Progressive risers, Speaking mystical synthesizers, Alien pseudovoices, Organic hardware filtered leads, Twisted spirals, Sweeps, Drones, FXs, Pads, Layers, Intergalactic hits and more.

All instruments can be additionally modified with LFO (rate and depth) modulating volume/expression, Panning, Pitch, amplitude envelope – attack, decay, sustain, release, Pan, Space, you can choose glide (+ glide time), mono, legato or polyphonic modes, load additional bonus instruments etc. You can layer two or more instruments together to create new kind of sounds (use Psytrance Synths 8000 X1 2x with different instrument/preset but with same melody) and use various external G-Sonique VST effects to modify the sound to brand new level. Psytrance Synths 8000 X1 uses special multi-sample/multi-octave Hard drive streaming technology which saves your RAM (data are loaded from hard drive) with precise hiqh quality sound interpolation. Psytrance Synths 8000 X1 is available for Windows and Mac (VSTi plug-in in 32/64bit for Windows, VSTi plug-in for MAC, AU Audio Unit plug-in for MAC)

See the website below for a full list of specs and factory patches.



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