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FL Studio 21 Released

Introducing faster & more precise audio editing.


14 December 2022

Improved editing workflow, content discovery, control over the mood of the DAW, and more inspirational, creative tools are now available through the new version of FL Studio — and all free for existing customers because Lifetime Free Updates is a core promise to the FL Studio community.

(EOY Sale ends 1st January, 2023)

Upgrade Customers

  • Up to $100 off, including free bonus plugins and sample packs

New Customers

  • $50 off Producer Edition
  • $100 off All Plugins Edition, including free bonus plugins and sample packs

Key Features:

  • Audio Clips. Integrated envelopes with fade in/out, precise level control and automated crossfades
  • Themes. Hue, Contrast, Brightness, highlights, metering & step colour control
  • Browser. Upgraded browser with tagging, lightning fast search and online content discovery with download management
  • Luxeverb. The most advanced reverb made exclusively for FL Studio (All Plugins Edition)
  • Vintage Phaser Meticulously modelled on the 80’s classic used on Oxygene by Jean-Michelle Jarre (Signature Bundle and up)
  • Multiband Delay. 16 frequency band delay with independent control. A truly unique sound design tool (Producer Edition and up)
  • VFX Sequencer. An advanced step sequencer to transform chords into melodic phrases (All Editions)
  • Multi-Language Support. Spanish, German and French in addition to English and Chinese

See the full list here. 



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