Educational Sound Recording Expeditions in Bali!


29 March 2018

Greg Simmons, AudioTechnology’s founding editor, is offering three affordable and educational sound recording expeditions in Bali for this coming May. Although ideally suited to audio students, the expeditions are open to anyone with an interest in recording and a passion for travelling.

These expeditions focus on recording the Balinese gamelan – a musical ensemble of metallophones, xylophones, gongs and drums, accompanied by bamboo flutes and string instruments. It’s a challenge to record well due to the size of the ensemble and the contrasting dynamics, and the lessons learnt can be applied to many other recording situations. The expeditions also look at the fascinating Kecak or ‘monkey chant’, a theatrical performance backed by dozens of men chanting energetically in pulsating rhythms.

Since 2004 Greg has taken over 100 people on his educational recording expeditions through Asia and the Himalaya, so he’s no stranger to leading groups through these fascinating but challenging cultures and terrains.

For further information contact Greg Simmons on email: simmosonic@gmail.com


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