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10 December 2014


A new Kickstarter campaign was recently brought to our attention that promises to bring vinyl back to the masses. The DRC (Desktop Record Cutter) is a vinyl cutting system that allows you to make your own records at home.

The man behind the campaign is sound engineer Paul Butler Taylor, who over the years has mastered some of the industry’s biggest names, such as Paul Kelly, Kylie Minogue, Sneaky Sound System, Eurythmics, The Ramones, The Cult, amongst others.

Overhead view of the DRC.
Overhead view of the DRC.

Taylor, along with consulting engineers Steve Crnkovic, Steven Caldwell and Mitch Lockyer-Lane, has created the company Machina Pro. So far the team has made a number of usable prototypes and believes the creation is at the point where production can begin.

Seeking only $10,000 to further the DRC’s feature list, the campaign has reached its goal three times over, and is currently sitting on (at time of writing) $31,006, with 21 more days to go until it ends.

Officially, the DRC is described as “automated using precision engineered technology for ease of use [for new cutters], whilst allowing custom control, upgrades and modification for the experienced engineer.”

The campaign (which can be viewed here) says that the Cutter can create a ‘dub-cut’ in real-time – 1 min of audio takes exactly 1 min to cut – with the makers promising to not confine customers to proprietary styluses or blank records. However, they do plan on selling blank PVC records at a cost of $4 each and a Diamond Cutting Stylus (no price listed).


Machina Pro plans to have units available for shipping by April/May 2015, but (at the time of writing) if you’re interested in buying one sadly, all the available pledges have been snapped up.

Hopefully the company will make more of the $7000 pledges available, allowing people to purchase their own DRC. Currently the only pledges you can purchase are for accessory or clothing items, with the exception of the $85 pledge that promises to create a vinyl ‘dub-cut’ of up to three of your own songs or 15 minutes of music, a number of which are still available.

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  • Over-Engineered Custom Billet Alloy Overhead & Damping Mechanism (capable of 7+ inches of movement – enough for a 14 inch Master Acetate, or just more space to handle & listen).
  • Integrated High-Torque turntable, custom cut composite platter and potential vacuum clamping (we are also considering a Pro 14″ version).
  • Stereo cutter-head and [machina produced] electronics package (we are discussing to either OEM an existing head, or partnering with someone developing a new model).
  • Multi-Axis Digital Control of all Linear Motion (this means fully adjustable pitch and depth)
  • Integrated Load Cell measuring cutting pressure; this means you can dial in the perfect depth for cutting in different mediums and/or at different levels
  • Modular Aluminium & Steel Frame built into a Waterproof, Shock Resistant Pelican Case
  • Pro CNC Grade Linear Motion
  • 5 inch Resistive Touch LCD Screen for Display Values and Future Customisation / Enhancements
  • Integrated Vacuum Chip Sucker
  • Adjustable Microscope Mounting (suitable for Dino-Lite Digital Microscope)
  • Wired Remote Control
  • Integrated Carbon Fibre Tone-Arm

If you’re interested in checking out the campaign, the check: or the Machina Pro website:


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Issue 93


Ableton Live 12
What’s in. What’s out. What to expect.