12 January 2017

adam audio s series monitors

Adam Audio has introduced its new flagship line of nearfield, midfield and main monitors called the S Series. The product family is comprised of three models — the S2V, S3H, and S3V, and the larger S5V and S5H. Innovations unique to the S Series include a completely new and efficient long-throw Extended Linear Excursion (ELE) woofers, one-piece dome/cone hybrid mid-range driver for better dispersion, low distortion and power handling, new waveguides for the tweeter, and a high-power DSP engine based on the latest generation of SHARC chips. The S Series also debuts Adam Audio’s S-ART tweeter, the latest iteration of the renowned accelerated ribbon design.

The cabinets of the entire S Series are constructed from thick vibration-resistant material for cleaner sound even at higher SPLs. Rounded edges help minimise edge-diffraction effects.

David Angress, Chairman of Adam Audio: “Under its new management, Adam Audio has reenergised every aspect of the company, and our R&D team has been working behind closed doors to create this third generation S Series line. We have employed best engineering practices, modern materials technology and advanced DSP to create the new S Series, a range of studio monitors that offer stunning clarity and low distortion, utilising new woofers and midrange drivers and the S-ART tweeter — an even more precise version of Adam Audio’s famous hand-built tweeter.”

More info:
Adam Audio: www.adam-audio.de
Australian Distributor: www.federalaudio.com.au


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