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22 April 2014

Gibson Memory Cable


Is this a clever idea or taking things too far? Gibson has come up with the Memory Cable, a guitar cable with a built-in digital recorder for capturing those moments of inspiration when re-plugging into another device isn’t practical or possible. The Gibson Memory Cable records in 44.1 kHz, 16 bit wave files, so its application isn’t restricted to guitars – anything that uses an unbalanced TS cable can be recorded. With the supplied 4GB MicroSD card you’ll get around 13 hours of recording and it has an automatic mode that kicks the recorder into life only when you’re playing. The MicroSD system allows you to transfer your inspired genius to a DAW. Power is supplied by a single AA battery that will last eight hours. A secondary LR44 battery looks after date stamps and such for a year. The Gibson Memory Cable appears to have a dedicated in and out, which means you’ll have to use it with the recorder hanging off your instrument – it can’t be reversed and have the bulky bit at your amplifier end. If either, or both, batteries run out of juice the Memory Cable still works as a guitar cable. All is revealed at www.gibson.com

Australian Distributor: Australian Musical Imports www.gibsonami.com


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