9 October 2015

spl creon

The newest member in the SPL audio interface/monitor controller family is now available in stores. The SPL Creon combines a high-performance USB Interface and analog monitor controller in a single unit. It features the same premium converters and characteristics as the bigger SPL Crimson, but optimised to meet the needs of small home and project studios. Thus, the Creon was basically conceived as a two-channel AD/DA interface.

The built-in instrument preamp and two microphone preamps, together with the line inputs, allow the user to amplify, monitor and convert all kinds of signals and record them with a DAW. Further, the comprehensive analog monitor controller features enable the recorded signal to be monitored without any latency, while at the same time compare it with other analog sources, thanks to the second source input. Apart from the AD/DA converters and USB port, all other functions can be used in standalone mode. The Monitor-Mix knob makes it possible to intuitively mix the corresponding signals and listen to them through headphones or speakers.

More info:
SPL Creon: www.creon.spl.info
Australian Distributor: www.audiochocolate.com.au


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