Soyuz Launches the 011 FET Small Diaphragm Mic

The 011 FET is designed for detailed instrument recordings.


14 May 2024

Soyuz Microphones has announced the 011 FET Small Diaphragm condenser. This new capsule, smaller mic body, and transformerless design make the 011 Series ideal for capturing exciting live performances and detailed-oriented studio recordings.

Clarity Without Compromise

The Soyuz 011 FET is a handcrafted small diaphragm condenser that delivers the timeless and musical quality Soyuz microphones are known for in a compact and accessible package.

Designed for versatility and discretion, the 011 FET excels on any instrument with a smooth presence that highlights the nuance of every performance. The custom, hand-machined 011 series capsule and transformerless circuit offer a focused yet flattering response with a sound that is honest, but never harsh.

The 011 FET is the perfect choice for any studio, stage, or setup where detail is demanded and fidelity is essential.

Unmatched Quality. Original Sound.

Like all other Soyuz products, the 011 FET features an original capsule 100% made in-house and crafted with unmatched precision. The new 011 series capsule was developed to have a controlled low end, smooth mid-range, and defined top end that comes together in a lively sound that punches through any mix. The hand-machined mic body is constructed to endure any scenario making the 011 FET an ideal choice, from spontaneous recording sessions to worldwide tours.

Transformerless Without Tradeoff

The 011 FET’s transformerless circuit allows for a faster and more articulate response without sacrificing warmth or character. Enjoy the benefits of a lower noise floor with an accuracy that preserves the soul of your sound.

Dynamic Details. Compact Convenience

The 011 FET is designed to be simple to use and exciting to hear. With a smaller, lightweight form factor, the 011 FET is perfect for fine-tuning mic placements in any configuration and can stay out of the way while making sure your sound stands out.

Versatility From Whisper to Roar

The 011 FET boasts a wide dynamic range and the included -10db in-line pad ensures any source is covered – from delicate strings in a quiet concert hall to the attack of a snare drum, close mic’d and slamming. Additional Hypercardioid and Omni capsules are easily swappable to dial in or zoom out any sound you come across. Whether you’re looking for a clean and pristine capture or love to layer with color and vibe, the 011 FET will adapt naturally to any signal chain and prove to be a trusted tool in your mic locker.



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