Issue 94

Voxengo: Correlometer

A free multi-band correlometer plugin.


12 December 2023

Voxengo was founded by Aleksey Vaneev, and became a full-time commercial endeavour in 2002 after the release of its first successful equaliser plugin, CurveEQ. It has since released over 40 high quality, commercial and freeware sample rate converters and plugins, that have been downloaded by millions of users around the globe. Voxengo offers robust and efficient solutions for audio and music production, including streaming, mastering, and surround sound.

Correlometer is a free analog-style stereo multi-band correlation meter AudioUnit, AAX, and VST plugin for professional music production applications. It is based on correlation meter found in PHA-979 phase-alignment plugin and functions as a multi-band correlation meter with phase issue detection, cross-track phase coherency estimation, and mono-compatibility checker.

Multi-band correlation metering is an advanced way to check for presence of out-of-phase elements in the mix. Broadband correlation metering reports overall phase issues and may misrepresent problems present in select spectral bands, while multi-band correlation meter easily highlights problems present in mid to high frequencies that are not easily heard by ear, but may still reduce clarity of the mix. Another application of multi-band correlation metering is phase- and time-aligning of channels and tracks — especially bass and bass-drum pairs, guitar mic and D.I. source pairs, two-microphone stereo recordings, and so on.

Correlometer can display 4 to 64 individual spectral bands, with adjustable band quality factor that controls the degree of band’s selectivity. Averaging time of correlation estimator can be adjusted. Correlometer supports side-chain inputs for easy correlation estimation between separate audio tracks.

  • 4 to 64 band correlation meter
  • Adjustable band quality factor
  • Adjustable averaging time
  • Side-chain input

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Issue 94