Free VST: New Audience Choir from NI

Native Instruments announced a free VST, the Jacob Collier Audience Choir instrument.


20 March 2024

Native Instruments has announced the Jacob Collier Audience Choir instrument to celebrate the launch of Collier’s new album, Djesse. Vol 4.

Known for his genre-bending musical style and mastery of technology, six-time GRAMMY winner Jacob Collier rose to worldwide fame for his innovative live performances, where he “conducts his audience like a choir“, bringing together thousands of unique voices to create a one-of-a-kind improvised moment. Collier has taken this experience a step further, by partnering with Native Instruments to turn the voices of his audience into a free software instrument.

Now anyone can experience what only Collier himself has up to now: playing his audience choir like an instrument, and adding a chorus of real-life voices from across the globe to any song. This new Kontakt instrument features moments from 22 different live shows – perfectly captured by Shure microphones – and is featured throughout Jacob Collier’s new album, Djesse Vol. 4.

Key features

  • Add motion and blend between vowel types using the Vowel Morph Pad. Choose from pre-designed presets or record your own movements for evolving choir arrangements
  • Introduce unique percussion to your tracks with stomps, claps, and snaps recorded from the audience at each venue
  • Customize your sound with built-in effects and controls, including delay, reverb, timbre, and stereo width

Use the chord generator for instant harmony, or effortlessly blend between pre-built triads using the Triad Blend.

Get the sound of a real choir, with controls for different articulations, harmonies, and spaces. Or, find a new texture for your music with a subtle background chorus.


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