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AirWindows: Handsewn Bespoke Digital Audio

A universe of free plugins.


10 December 2023

Leaching from the genius mind of an elusive tinkerer, Chris Johnson’s Airwindows brings us a world of plugins. (241 at last count)

Ranging from absolutely rudimentary, staple production aids, to completely esoteric sound design tools — there really is something for everyone. As well as the freebies, Chris also has a Patreon that offers further access to his work.

Where To Begin

Not for the feint of heart, The Airwindopedia offers a daunting and exhaustive list of everything on offer from Airwindows. Where can you go if you just want to dip your toe in? The Airwindows Starter Pack provides a good entry point, and ranges across EQ, dynamics, utilities, ‘analogifying’, ambience, and ‘console system’.

The bundle consists of 17 free plugins and contains the following plugins:

Baxandall, Capacitor2, Channel9, ClipOnly2, Console7Buss, Console7Cascade, Console7Channel, DeBess, Focus, Galactic, Hypersonic, Interstage, Monitoring, Pressure5, PurestGain, Srsly2, and Verbity.


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