First 500 Series for Undertone Audio

Undertone Audio is releasing its first 500-series product, the UTEQ500.


15 December 2023

The UTEQ500.

Undertone Audio is releasing its first foray into 500-series realm, the UTEQ500. Now everyone can have the amazing sound and flexibility of a UTA console EQ in a 500 series package.

 Vintage musicality / extraordinary flexibility.

The UTA console and subsequent MPEQ-1 channel strip have been recognized for their exceptional vintage musicality and extraordinary flexibility. The 500 series format makes this incredible EQ design accessible to all recording engineers – it’s like having the UTA console features in a lunchbox.

Replicate any shape / any curve.

The UTEQ500 can replicate the shape or curve of any other hardware EQ made. All of them.


  • 3 ‘Super Parametric’ bands
  • Range-switching mid-band
  • Shape control for blending between peak and shelf shapes
  • Q control range from .3 to 10
  • Notch filter mode for extreme cuts
  • Unique ‘Vari-Phase’ mode
  • Input pad for added headroom
  • High quality, long-life switches and capacitors

UTA founder, producer Eric Valentine says, “The UTEQ500 should always be your first grab. Why wouldn’t it be? It does everything the other EQs do and endless things the others don’t.”

See Eric’s product introduction video: HERE.

View the products on our website HERE.


Website: Undertone Audio

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