Add Some Glaze 2 Your Vocals

Glaze 2 offers lush vocal harmonies and textures at the touch of a key.


8 May 2024

Native Instruments has released Glaze 2, a next-gen pop and hip-hop vocal instrument that offers lush vocal harmonies, textures, and chord progressions at the touch of a key.
As the follow-up to one of NI’s most-loved instruments, Glaze 2 brings modern
vocal heat straight to your studio. Now featuring even more voices and the slick
sounds of the talkbox, Glaze 2 brings the flair you need to set your tracks apart
with smooth vocal pads, and brilliant riffs, runs, and hooks.
Glaze 2 was crafted in collaboration with Curtis ‘Sauce’ Wilson and Rochad
Holiday – engineers behind the sounds of Ne-Yo, Ariana Grande, Will Smith, and Dr Dre. The samples were recorded with a diverse range of live vocalists, providing a variety of inspiring options for everything from polished pop to edgy hip hop.
With Glaze 2, you can play, twist, and tweak your way to unique vocal vibes that
hit just right.
Glaze 2 at a glance
● Pop and hip hop vocal instrument featuring a new talkbox mode and special
chord presets for gleaming textures and pads
● Unlock instant, complex harmonies with over 30 custom chord sets and
background vocals mapped to keys
● 150 presets with an extensive range of vocal sounds and custom Kontakt
effects macros

Glaze 2 is available from Native Instruments and select retailers.


CMI Music and Audio: (03) 9315 2244

Website: cmi.com.au


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