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LEWITT Adds New Features to CONNECT 6 Audio Interface

Lewitt Audio has added improvements to the Connect 6 firmware.


19 February 2024

LEWITT has released a major firmware update for the CONNECT 6 audio interface, offering new features that content creators worldwide will openheartedly welcome.

The CONNECT 6 audio interface was released in 2022 and aims at content creators and streamers with software that allows seamless management of hardware input/output channels, DSP effects, virtual stereo channels, independent mix buses, and loopback.

The new firmware update adds a new set of features all controllable from CONNECT 6’ accompanying CONTROL CENTER software for even more flexible content creation and streaming workflows.

New and improved features:

· Added 1 stereo software channel – now 4 available in total

· Added 2 loopback channels – now 3 available in total

· Brand new Ducker feature to lower the music when talking

· Extended volume fader range (up to 12 dB boost) for Aux, Mobile, and Software Channels

· Mobile streaming mode that sums channels 1/2 to input 1, which is relevant for mobile app streaming

· Flexible input routing lets you overwrite input 1/2 with any channel or mix from the CONTROL CENTER

· Channel mapping overview for total control over your routing

The update is based on feature requests by the user base, and yet again shows that LEWITT is taking its collaborative approach to improving audio workflows seriously. As part of LEWITT’s commitment to improving products and user experience, the new firmware version expands an already extensive feature set.

The new release can be downloaded via the included CONTROL CENTER software. Just check for updates and run the install.



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