2 Aussie Producers Get Alanis Morissette Album Call Up
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Turramurra Music

Come In & Check Out Our New Showroom


January 1, 2020

Turramurra Music is Sydney’s leading professional audio equipment destination. Our recently renovated live sound PA showroom features a wide range of mixing consoles, from compact analogue and digital rack mixers, through to large format digital consoles from leading manufacturers including Allen & Heath, Midas, PreSonus, Yamaha and more. Plus, we have just been appointed as one of Australia’s only official DigiCo dealers. We have Sydney’s largest range of consoles available for hands on demo in store, along with 40+ individual PA speakers – and that’s just our live sound area.

Our dedicated PA specialist staff can support you with any enquiry large or small, from upgrading your mixer, speakers or mics to complete system design and installation. We also provide mixer training for individuals and groups, and have dedicated education and church sales staff catering specifically to the individual needs of these customer groups.

Come in and see us in store, or contact us today and discover why after over 40 years in business we have become Australia’s leading musical instrument and professional audio destination.

Aston | Stealth

Featuring 4 voice settings Vocal 1, Vocal 2, Guitar and Dark, the Aston Stealth offers a range of world class sounds to suit almost every application. The Stealth is a broadcast quality microphone perfect for podcasters and budding studio musicians. It features a proprietary internal shock mount, excellent side rejection and can be used with or without phantom power. An auto-detect circuit senses 48 V phantom power and engages an active built-in class-A preamp with 50 dB of boost (an industry first). Come in for a test drive in our studio showroom today!

DiGiCo | SD9

Boasting 96 channels at 48kHz/96kHz, the DiGiCo SD9 delivers ultra-high performance digital mixing in a surprisingly compact package. Stealth Digital Processing and floating point Super FPGA technology combine with 24 touch-sensitive motorised faders, quick access function buttons, dedicated multi-function knobs, and a 15-inch, high resolution touchscreen to deliver renowned speed with an efficient and familiar workflow. This makes the SD9 a formidable option for high end touring, broadcast, theatre and house of worship applications. New to Turramurra Music, come in and demo the DiGiCo SD9 in store now!

Sennheiser | PRO In Ear Monitors – IE400 / IE500

The new Sennheiser PRO in ear monitors offer a natural, detailed and incredibly accurate monitoring experience. Featuring a single premium broadband transducer, the IE400 and IE500 are able to produce natural sounds free from crossover effects and phasing issues – a drawback often overlooked in multi-driver IEMs. The IE400s offer excellent monitoring for backline musicians, with a punchy response and pronounced bass frequencies. The IE500s offer a beautiful monitoring experience for vocalists and acoustic guitarists with exceptional midrange and treble frequency reproduction and a wide soundscape allowing for excellent stereo separation. We have a demo sets of both models in store, so contact us to arrange a demo.

Yamaha | MODX6

Designed for musicians on the go, this lightweight production synthesizer features playback of a huge variety of sounds from Pianos, Drums, Bass, Guitars, Brass and Woodwind and more. It also features an 8-operator, fully controllable FM-X engine, seamless sound switching for smooth performances with no cutoff in envelopes or effects. The MODX allows users to bring in their own custom samples or from Synth Libraries directly from Yamaha. Come in-store and test drive the MODX in our Synthesizer Showroom today!

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2 Aussie Producers Get Alanis Morissette Album Call Up
Issue 66