13 January 2016

yamaha dante optimised swp1 network switches

Yamaha has announced the SWP1 Series of L2 switches. Ideal for audio engineers who may be new to IP networking, these network switches have been designed specifically for sound installation and live sound networking, with simple DIP switch Dante optimisation and comprehensive graphical interfacing via a Windows application.

The SWP1 simplifies switch configuration by having settings for QoS, IGMP Snooping and other parameters pre-configured for optimal Dante performance. The SWP1 Series allows a Dante optimised setup to be recalled by flipping a single DIP switch.

It’s just as easy to set up independent VLAN domains to take full advantage of a network’s potential for handling StageMix or other smart device functions, for example. The SWP1 Series includes three VLAN presets that can be simply selected via a DIP switch. There’s also a USER mode that allows fully customised VLAN setup.

The dedicated Yamaha Audio Network Monitor application provides a comprehensive view of parameters required for Dante network management, including network traffic, switch status, and individual Dante device information. You can even take a snapshot of the normal network status and set an alarm to warn you if any of the parameters changes so that problems can be identified and resolved quickly and easily.

SWP1 Series switches include an XLR-4-32 type EXT DC INPUT connector in addition to the standard AC IN connector. +24V DC supplied to the EXT DC INPUT connector provides redundant power that can keep the device running if a problem occurs in the AC supply. For further reliability the AC connector is a locking type (V-Lock) that minimises the possibility of accidental disconnection.

There are currently four products in the SWP1-series lineup:

  • SWP1-8 – Eight etherCon/RJ45 network ports. Two multi-mode fibre option slots.
  • SWP1-8MMF – Eight etherCon/RJ45 network ports plus one opticalCon multi-mode fibre module.
  • SWP1-16MMF – 12 etherCon/RJ45 network ports, four RJ45 network ports plus one opticalCon multi-mode fibre module.
  • MMF-SWP1 – opticalCon multi-mode fibre module option for SWP1-series network switches.

More info:
Yamaha: www.yamahaproaudio.com


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