16 October 2013

Waves J37 Stereo Tape plug-in


Friends at Abbey Road, that is. Waves Audio and Abbey Road Studios have gotten together again, this time to create the J37 tape saturation plug-in, a precision model of the very tape recorders used at Abbey Road. The J37 was famously, innovatively used by George Martin and the Beatles for the Sergeant Peppers album. With a variety of user-adjustable controls including Tape Speed, Bias, Noise, Saturation, Wow and Flutter, the Waves: Abbey Road J37 faithfully recreates the sonic signature of the original machine including, believe it or not, modeling three exclusive oxide tape formulas by snaffling the last of the tape stock from the EMI archives (specially developed by EMI during the 60s and 70s, each formula has its own unique frequency response and harmonic distortion behavior). As well as the controls mentioned above the J37 tape saturation plug-in features Comprehensive Tape Delay, Sync, LP and HP filter controls. The J37 is Native and SoundGrid-compatible and isn’t (so far) included in any Waves bundle. Both formats are now available at special introductory pricing of $149 (Native) and $249 (SoundGrid) direct from Waves at www.waves.com

Australian Distributor: Sound & Music www.sound-music.com


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