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Waves Vocal Bender Plugin

Waves Now Shipping the Vocal Bender Plugin for Real-Time Voice Manipulation; autotune and formant functions available live


19 February 2021

With Waves’ Vocal Bender plugin, vocals can be manipulated in real time for the most popular sounds in hip-hop, pop, R&B and electronic genres. With zero latency and two simple Pitch and Formant controls, tracking, mixing and performing hit-sounding pitch-shifted vocals is easy.

Vocal Bender is the fastest and simplest way to get “that sound” – Travis Scott deep-voiced ad-libs, Billie Eilish-style vocal doubles, Frank Ocean-style pitch-and formant-shifted lead vocals, or the high-pitched vocal topline in every EDM drop. Users can go extreme and make vocals move between genders, change age, sound miniature or appear gigantic. On the subtle side, simply add soft harmonies, vibrato or vocal doubling for thickness.

Waves created this tool for musicians and producers to get ideas down quickly, saving precious time when working creatively. It allows tracking through the plugin, or even use live.

In addition to the main Pitch and Formant controls, the plugin also has a “Flatten” feature to lock into a single pitch and sound robotic. Opening up Vocal Bender’s trunk allows access to four extra modulators, including LFO and sequencing. The modulators bring more musicality and movement to sounds, and allow development of unique styles.

Waves Vocal Bender features:

  • Real-time monophonic voice manipulation plugin
  • Vocal pitch shifting and formant control
  • The most popular vocal sounds in hip-hop, pop, EDM, R&B
  • LFO, SEQ, Amplitude and Pitch modulators for deeper musical effects: Vibrato, pitch drops, sequenced pitching, more
  • “Flatten” feature for robotic vocals
  • Mix knob for blending harmonies and doubles on inserts
  • Zero latency for studio recording and live performance


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