Vocaster One, Vocaster Two

Focusrite’s simple podcasting interface has been launched.


2 June 2022

Focusrite’s new products should make it easier for podcasters to get started, have quality audio, and finish up with a professional sounding show. The Vocaster range is a new recording interface for to aid production in the podcasting world. Removing the technical difficulty from the process allows users to focus on what matters; telling their story, sharing their passion, and most notably, building their audience.

Great content makes for successful podcasts — audio quality is equally important. Vocaster is a tool likely to be useful to any podcaster to get studio quality sound when capturing voice. Users can deliver a podcast to their audience with audio that has clarity, consistent volume levels, and without unwanted noises which keeps listeners focused on the content. Key features such as Auto Gain, Enhance, the Easy Start tool, provide users with all the things they need to get recording.

Focusrite have delivered a podcast kit that focuses on professional sound quality, with immediate controls, and numerous tools through Focusrite’s selected partners podcasters can get studio quality recordings straight away.

Vocaster is small, light, and powered by a computer, so with immediate controls, podcasters can get up and running straight away and join the conversation wherever it is.

Vocaster One Studio and Vocaster Two Studio are two set-ups that have everything podcasters need to start recording their podcast in broadcast quality. The studio quality dynamic microphones both have industry standard features such as shock mounts and pop filters, which should have their voice crystal clear without any unwanted noise, and they can hear their show as the world will with the HP60v closed-back studio headphones.

Vocaster One: GBP189.99 / US$199.99
Vocaster One Studio: GBP289.99 / US$299.99

Vocaster Two: GBP289.99 / US$299.99
Vocaster Two Studio: GBP469.99 / US$499.99


Focusrite: focusrite.com


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