11 March 2014

Tascam UH 7000 for web


TASCAM has given this a bit of thought. It’s claiming to have bridged the gap between studio-quality recording and home recording with the UH-7000 USB 4×4-channel audio interface and standalone microphone preamp. First impressions are good. Tascam’s new HDIA (High Definition Instrumentation Architecture) is an entirely new design from Tascam for microphone preamps and is promising audio performance and specifications well beyond its price tag. Dual-sided PCM4220 A/D converters provide up to 192kHz/24-bit resolution, the temperature-compensated internal clock offers 1PPM resolution and a Burr Brown DA converter is at the other end of the line. An audiophile-designed power supply makes sure you don’t run out of juice. The preamp is equipped with two XLR balanced inputs, two balanced 6.5mm inputs, two balanced XLR outputs, and AES/EBU digital out – giving the UH-7000 that tempting dual purpose as part of a recording/live setup, or plugged into a computer for DAW duties. A solid aluminum structure lets you kick it around the studio, the knobs are calibrated for custom-tapered gain settings and likewise designed to take any inadvertent punishment. Metering is via 20-segment LED peak meters. Full details are up on www.tascom.com

Australian Distributor: CMI Music and Audio www.cmi.com.au


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