4 April 2014

The Mabel


Is there such a thing as a Steampunk microphone? Looks like it now… Ear Trumpet Labs is a specialist, hand-made microphone manufacturer in Portland Oregon and its founder, Philip Graham, a “software engineer with a habit of building audio gear” set about making microphones with a difference (yes, that is a bicycle sprocket below). There’s no compromise on quality and some of the models you’ll find on Ear Trumpet’s website are quickly sold out – including the Doreen. Prior to the new Mabel type all of ETL’s microphones offered dual-purpose live and studio applications, but the Mabel is designed specifically for studio work. Mabel is a multi-pattern condenser microphone utilizing two cardioid medium-large diaphragm capsules, designed for acoustic instruments, drum overheads, and vocals. Mabel features a copper-ringed head basket with brass grill work, held in a pivoting mount within a stainless-steel yoke, and a copper-and-brass body. All of ETL’s designs have a similar, we have to say – very cool look. Check them out at www.eartrumpetlabs.com The company regularly ships direct to customers in Australia and, allowing for time zones, Philip is on the ball to answer any queries.

Ear Trumpet Doreen
The Doreen, complete with bike sprocket mounting

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