3 March 2017

shure yamaha

Shure has expanded integration between its Axient, QLXD and ULXD wireless microphone systems and Yamaha CL and QL series mixing consoles. With Yamaha’s firmware version 4.1 you can monitor and control key features of such as transmitter battery status, RF, and audio signal level right from mix position during a show, saving you from constantly peering at racks.

The firmware update bring the ability to identify and map each system to the desired input channel, as well as adjust receiver audio output level when Shure AXT400, QLXD4 or ULXD4 receivers are connected to the same network as a Yamaha CL or QL series console. With Axient wireless systems, transmitter input gain can be controlled remotely from the mixing console through the ShowLink Access Point.

Shure: www.shure.com
Australian Distributor: www.jands.com.au


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