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24 May 2013

Shure SE846 Quad Driver Earphone

While the latest fad encourages wearing headphones the size of dinner plates, Shure isn’t listening. And when earbud-type headphones first appeared no one could have imagined squeezing this kind of technology inside them. Shure has unveiled the SE846 Sound Isolating Earphone, featuring a Quad High-Definition MicroDriver with a three-way system configuration for dedicated low, mid and high frequency distribution. The SE846 patent-pending design includes a low-pass filter with true subwoofer that enables deep low-end performance without sacrificing clarity or detail. Designed for both professionals and audiophiles, the SE846 incorporates a new level of technological innovation including an optimized nozzle angle that’s designed to rest comfortably in the ear. Additionally, the earphone is available with three changeable nozzles. The different nozzles allow you to customise your listening experience by selecting the nozzle insert with the frequency response you prefer — available in balanced, warm and bright options. A detachable cable for easy replacement and an accessories package that includes three pairs of disposable black foam sleeves, three pairs of soft flex sleeves and a carrying case are also included.

AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR: Jands info@jands.com.au.


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