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RØDE Connect v1.1 Update

RØDE’s podcast recording platform gets its first update, Beta 1.1, introducing sound pads and channel solo buttons.


28 May 2021

The first is the addition of sound pads. Much like the ones found on the RØDECaster Pro, these will allow you to load music beds, intro and outro music, stings, and sound effects, which can be triggered at any time during recording. There are eight banks of eight pads, allowing you to load 64 sounds in total. You can edit the colour, name, and playback style of each pad, and control the output level and more via the main recording interface screen.

The second is the addition of a solo button for each channel like you would find on a professional mixing console. This allows you to listen to a particular channel (or multiple channels) without the need to mute all of the other channels.



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  1. On my Windows10 Dell OptiPlex 5270 AIO work PC, Connect disrupted the whole system during install, requiring a restart. Audacity would not launch, so I uninstalled the Virtual outputs and that seemed to clear things up. Kinda defeats the sound pad I suspect, but that wasn’t why I bought the mic.

  2. Make a setting in rode connect in order to switch the front button behaviour from headphones on/off to mic on/off!
    Put a minumum of aphex controls! not just a toggle, but a value.

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Issue 80
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