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Novation Owners Get Dubstation 2 Free

From Oct 8 to Dec 10, Novation’s Sound Collective members can download Audio Damage’s delay for free & get a 35% discount on anything else in-store.


13 October 2020

Modelling a vintage bucket brigade delay unit, Dubstation 2 centres on two independent delay lines, each with its own time setting and an optional ping-pong mode for complex, cross-fed stereo echoes. An LFO modulates the delay time, extending the plug-in’s remit into chorusing and classic analogue-style pitch modulation, and Reverse and Loop functions let you flip and perpetually cycle the delay buffer, respectively. 

The characteristic warm distortion for which BBD devices are known and loved is brought to bear by the Input Drive and Saturation knobs; and high- and low-cut filters are also onboard for broad-strokes frequency-shaping and live manipulation of the feedback circuit. 

A bona fide modern classic, Dubstation 2 is a powerhouse dual delay for production, sound design and live performance, with a rich, old-school sound and endless creative potential. 

During the same period, Sound Collective members can also take advantage of a 35% discount on any plug-in instrument or effect in the Audio Damage store, including the Continua and Quanta synths, Enso looper, Discord 4 pitchshifter, QuatroMod modulation effect and many more. 

Dubstation 2 Key Features:

  • Accurate bucket brigade delay emulation 
  • Single mono or independent dual stereo delay lines with feedback circuit 
  • Up to 2000ms delay time, synced or unsynced 
  • Ping-Pong mode for cross-feedback effects 
  • LFO delay time modulation for chorus, pitching effects and more 
  • Input Drive and Saturation controls for distortion 
  • High Cut and Low Cut filters 
  • Reverse and Loop functions 
  • Stereo Width and dry/wet Mix controls 


Novation: novationmusic.com
Australian Distributor: www.innovativemusic.com.au

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